Update v.1.7.0 - new mechanics!

This update brings a sizeable rework of player's abilities! Now all the available abilities are activated based on WASD and Space presses. 

Wall running is unchanged - you can still do that while holding W when being close to a wall. Hover is removed - it was a temporary mechanic and did not really fit the gameplay concept.

But! Now you can do other cool things - such as slide and crouch, or charge up your jump to make it stronger. This works as follows: holding down Space while moving puts you into slide and starts to collect charge. When this charge reaches peak (at ~1 sec after start) you will be able to do the strongest jump for a brief time.

The full list of changes includes:

  • New mechanic - slide. Hold Space to get a quick boost to your movement or to quickly dash away from danger!
  • New mechanic - crouch. Hold Space while moving slowly to crouch and get into tight spaces! (tight spaces not included in this version of the game)
  • New mechanic - charged jump. While holding Space you will collect yourself and be ready to do a stronger jump! But if the moment passes, it will turn into a weak one
  • Overhaul of player movement - it feels a lot different from before!
  • FOV change - it is a bit bigger now (110) and it feels like it gives a better view and awareness
  • Jelly received a new upgrade - both visual and functional! Hope this time it actually works!
  • Did you now player can deal damage to robots by headbutting them? Now you do! And this damage now depends on player's speed at the time of collision and can insta kill weaker robots
  • Bugfixes:
    • Robots were not doing the "breaking down" logic
    • Robots would sometimes stand in awe after watching player get respawned
    • Player is now respawned after taking damage while at 0 energy
  • Changed the project name to include [DEMO] to more correctly reflect its current stage

Overall, this update includes a lot of things that need visual representation, and that will be coming in the near future. The other thing desperately needing an overhaul are the playable maps, and that is coming too, but in a future that is a bit later.

As always, any feedback and suggestions are appreciated! Feel free to drop any comments here or wherever I can see them.


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16 days ago


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